[feature_box style=”33″ title=”%3Ccenter%3EAdrenaline%20Response%3C%2Fcenter%3E” alignment=”center”] “Do you train controlling your “adrenaline” response? Many people find their “adrenaline response” overwhelms them during a real fight, and they can barely move. Its dangerous to assume you’ll be able to respond appropriately simply practicing your grappling or striking” [/feature_box] Listen, the instinct to survive is the strongest instinct we’ve got… so … Read more

Trigger Positions for Faster Reactions

Ever wish you could react faster with your grappling submissions? If so, here’s a secret. You can’t simply practice moves. To have fast reactions, you have to practice REACTING, not just “performing” techniques. Otherwise you’re practicing grappling “movements”, but not creating reactions. But the question is… …what do you practice reacting TO? To have fast reactions, you want to practice … Read moreTrigger Positions for Faster Reactions

A Strategy to Becoming a Killer Submission Grappler

Here’s a strategy I learned TWICE… … once from the most skilled athlete I have ever met, and then again later from the most skilled musician I’ve ever met. Both have really jaw-dropping abilities, and it’s safe to say when they speak about “how to get good at something”, they’re worth listening to.  Here’s what they suggest: … Read moreA Strategy to Becoming a Killer Submission Grappler

Cool Kneebar from Half Guard

Here’s a cool kneebar from half-guard. It’s a move that will come out of nowhere, as far as your opponent’s concerned.  I think this move is a great one to have in your bag. When your opponent’s focused on passing your half-guard, he’s not likely to be anywhere near thinking about this move. Try it out! … Read moreCool Kneebar from Half Guard

Knee Bar Half Guard

Knee Bar From Half-Guard Here’s a slick knee bar from the half-guard. It’s demonstrated by James Brasco, a BJJ Black Belt, Cage Fighter and NCAA Division 1 Champion. Your browser does not support the video tag. The steps are: 1 – Start in half guard on bottom 2 – Get opponent to post his knee … Read moreKnee Bar Half Guard

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Tempo Trick

The “Tempo” Trick… Here’s a “tempo” trick that high level boxers use that you can apply to your submission grappling. The trick is to alternate between TWO SPEEDS. 1 – The first speed is SLOW & RELAXED 2 – The second speed is FAST & EXPLOSIVE Now, the reason a boxer uses this trick is because … Read moreTempo Trick