3 Tips to being an old “bad-ass”

Hey, we’re all getting older right? But, if you’ve got to do it…

… why not be a “badass” in the process?

I’m NOT talking about being a badass “jerk”… I mean being awesome at whatever you want (like submission grappling, perhaps?) and being able to compete with the “kids” until a ripe old age. So, how can you do it?

As a 58 year old submission grappler, kickboxer and martial artist in general, here’s the top 3 that have worked for me so far…

1. Never compare your abilities with others of “your age”…  compare yourself with others of ANY age.

For example, if my goal is to be the best 58 year old grappler I know… well, I could probably do that and still really suck at grappling! That’s setting the bar far too low.

When you compare old manyourself to EVERYONE, not just someone of your own age, I guarantee you’ll keep your skill at a much higher level. And, until you’re REALLY an old man, there’s not much reason to do otherwise.

2. Under no circumstances let any of your physical skills deteriorate for a long period because you’re “just too busy”.

It will usually take a herculean effort to get them back, and you’ll probably NEVER get them back to where they are now. Just ask any elderly person if they regret slowing down when they were still capable of doing more if you don’t believe me.

If you recognize this, you’re old enough to be smarter than those young punks!

3. Use the “smarts” that only someone of your age could have. Believe me, those “kids” have none of your wisdom and no clue about being strategic and tactical when it comes to improving their skills. Trust me, I’ve instructed and trained with hundreds of them. They’ll gladly train hard, but don’t want to do anything that requires planning, preparation and organization.

By your age, you should know plenty about how to learn skills and the value of repetiition, good practice/study habits, consistency and discipline. That’s probably your biggest advantage, so don’t waste it. Apply what you’ve learned from a lifetime of experience.

Keep training!
– Bob

P.S. And, as far as submission grappling goes, if you agree with me about being strategical & using your “smarts”, then you should really be using the iGrapple®.  It’s a VERY strategic approach (a.k.a. “shortcut) to learning submission grappling.

It works, and better yet, most of the “kids” aren’t savvy enough to realize how effective of a tool it is.  Fortunately, you’re smarter than that!