Adrenaline, Goals, Constant Improvement

Hey guys – below are 3 quick ideas for you that you may not have considered before. 

I’ve got plenty more insights I’ve gathered from my nearly 43 years of training, so let me know if you find any helpful and I’ll continue to share them!

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Do you train controlling your “adrenaline” response?

Many people find their “adrenaline response” overwhelms them during a real fight, and they can barely move. Its dangerous to assume you’ll be able to respond appropriately simply practicing your grappling or striking[/feature_box]

Think about this – the instinct to survive is the strongest instinct we’ve got, so your body has a very powerful response to a threat to your life. Unfortunately, it’s based on primal needs, and that means it can sometimes force you to “freeze” so you aren’t seen by a predator.

This can happen regardless of how brave you might ordinarily be. You’ll literally feel like you can’t move, and if you do, you’ll be in slow motion… the exact opposite of what you need for self defense. It really sucks when it happens!

I suggest you do some research on training methods to be able to handle that adrenaline response. If you’re one of the unlucky ones who easily freezes, your training’s not going to help you if you can’t move.


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A strange phenemenom…

…I’ve know several martial artists who’ve had a strong passion to train UNTIL they attained their black belt. They quit training soon after reaching black belt. 


This shows the importance of ALWAYS having a goal. For those black belts, once they reached their goal, they no longer had something to work towards and lost all their motivation and drive. 

If you don’t want to dedicate years of hard work towards accomplishing your goal only to have any desire to maintain your accomplishments slip away after you achieve them, you need to continue to set higher and higher goals. 


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Each time you get caught in a submission or position where you DON’T know what to do, write it down…

…then insist to yourself that you learn the solution BEFORE your next training session. 


So many times I’ve seen guys get in situations where they don’t know an effective response, then simply go home and return to training a few days later and it happens all over again. It’s like they are hoping the knowledge will magically come to them without even trying. What a waste of time!

In my opinion, we have no business getting on the mat without doing our homework from the LAST TIME we were on the mat. We’d never do this in school and hope to succeed… why do it anywhere else?


Keep training!