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Welcome to the affiliate program for iGrapple® Mobile.

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Mixed Martial Arts training is sweeping the nation, and the world. Not only are there MMA schools popping up in most U.S. cities and towns, MMA training is becoming  mainstream in fitness gyms as well. This trend opens the doors to a vast number of people looking for ways to improve their skill…

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Mixed Martial Artists Are Dedicated
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Training MMA takes dedication on and off “the mat.” Just practicing in class is never enough and grapplers wanting to progress need a tool that gives them quick access to review the techniques they are learning.

The iGrapple® Mobile is an online membership site with a huge database of grappling techniques, over 1100. These techniques are organized by positions, sub-positions and micro (“trigger”) positions, allowing grapplers to access the exact moves they need in seconds.

The iGrapple® Mobile works perfectly on iPhones, iPads and most Android devices making it ideal to review techniques anywhere, globally.

And there is NO OTHER program like it!

So, Why Should You Start Promoting
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  • A sales page conversion rate of over 5% with targeted traffic. And we are constantly testing and tweaking the sales page to improve the conversion rate even more.
  • A super low refund rate. The iGrapple® Mobile contains over 1100 techniques, works with most mobile devices and is the ultimate grappling training tool.
  • Our affiliate program is handled by Clickbank. They are the largest online billing center for downloadable products. They have a great reputation, pay on time (direct deposit or by check weekly), and very easy to use.
  • We value our affiliates highly! We know that you want the best resources. So, as the new resources are released we will let you know… So you can use them immediately. AND, you can email us and ask for any help you need.


Here Are The Tools And Resources To Get You Started…

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