Autoresponder Messages

The following autoresponder sequence has been created to educate your prospects about the iGrapple® Mobile, giving real examples of how to use it, and how it will help them improve their grappling training.

We have seen positive results using these messages, and they work particularly well as a follow up sequence after a prospect downloads The Grappler’s Guide free report.

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Message 1 (Day 0)


Subject: [Grappling] What to practice today?

Do you know what grappling skills you are going to practice today?
Consider this…

…if you can determine exactly which:

– One single skill
– Acquired right now
– Will increase your chances of dominating (or at least, not being defeated
as easily)

…more-so than any other single skill you could practice today, wouldn’t
THAT be your path to the fastest progress you can make right now?

So, assuming you want the fastest improvement possible, how do you decide
WHAT that one skill to practice next is?

Here’s my simple step-by-step method…

Step #1 – The next few times you grapple, stop when you get in a situation
where you don’t know exactly what to do or where your opponent is

Step #2 – Write down that EXACT situation (a.k.a. “sub-position”) where
you had trouble. For example: “In my opponent’s guard, caught in an
arm-bar.” Continue grappling and repeat.

Step #3 – Order those “situations” by the ones that happen most
frequently.  You now have a list of exact situations you need to practice
corresponding skills for.

Before you grapple again, practice one or more technique for each of those
situations you wrote down.  But, since we’re going for SPEED of improvement

…how do you QUICKLY find those techniques you need to practice?

Next time, I will share with you an amazing new grappling tool that gives
you the fastest access to the exact moves you need to know. You’re going to
love this. Talk to you then.

Your Name

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Message 2 (Day 3)


Subject: Amazing grappling tool…

So, did you try it yet? In case you forgot…

..yesterday, I gave you a step-by-step method that will show you EXACTLY
what to practice right now in order to improve as fast as possible.

It’s 10x’s more effective than practicing “random” moves from YouTube
or DVD’s. And, if you already have a basic repertoire of moves down, it’s
even better than following a grappling school’s “curriculum” that’s
meant for a group…

…but not tailored to your specific needs right now.  It’s like creating a
“supercharged” curriculum that’s optimized just for you! And you know

The only part of the process that should seem AT ALL difficult is to
quickly find the corresponding  grappling moves you need for those
“situations” (a.k.a. sub-positions) that you discovered where you were
having trouble.  And I have the perfect solution for that…

…It’s called the iGrapple® Mobile.

The iGrapple® Mobile is accessed through a password protected website.
It lets you access a huge database of grappling moves from the EXACT
positions you need to practice…

…in seconds. Get more information here:

And now that you know exactly WHAT to practice…

…next time I’ll show you HOW to practice for the maximum speed of
improvement possible.

Your Name

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Message 3 (Day 6)


Subject: Grappling improvement on steroids…

If you’ve read my emails so far, then…

…by now, you should know exactly WHAT grappling positions you personally
need to practice for fastest improvement… your own “supercharged
curriculum”.   What’s next?

For MAXIMUM SPEED of progress, you next need to understand HOW to master
those positions in the fastest way possible.

So, here it is, based on the “science of skill learning”… applied to
grappling.  For optimal speed of improvement in grappling, follow this

#1 Clearly define ONE SPECIFIC POSITION to master next (you’ve already done
#2 DECONSTRUCT that position into it’s common sub-positions and their
related grappling moves
#3 Research JUST enough to know what to practice… nothing more
#4 REMOVE BARRIERS to practicing and fast improvement

Based on my 40 years of experience, those 4 steps WILL give you the fastest
progress possible. Cool, right?

So… how’d you like to put that process on STEROIDS?

As I mentioned before,  there is an affordable grappling tool called the
iGrapple® (Mobile & Desktop versions) that’s designed specifically to
shortcut EVEN MORE everything I’ve shown you.

Here’s how it works. Once you’re logged into the iGrapple®…

1. You click to choose the  ONE SPECIFIC POSITION you’ve decided you want
to master. ( Step #1 above)

2. The iGrapple® has already DECONSTRUCTED that position into it’s most
common sub-positions that you’ll encounter (Step #2 above)

3. The RESEARCH has already been done. Each sub-position links to concise
video demonstrations of moves that relate ONLY  to those exact
sub-positions you are about to master (Step #3 above)

doing all of the above work for you, by being accessible anywhere, and by
allowing you to practice or review anytime you’ve got a couple minutes and
your mobile device.

Check out the iGrapple here.

Your Name
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Message 4 (Day 9)


Subject: [MMA] Got Technique Overload?

I know you’ve got “technique overload”. Why?

Because, you’re just adding RANDOM new
techniques… with no special order or organization
(other than possibly your schools “curriculum”)
…to your arsenal. And you keep forgetting them.

How do I know that?

Because science shows that your memory works by
ASSOCIATION… not by “random-ness”. That’s why
you’re forgetting those “random” grappling moves!

Understand?  So, the solution is…

…get rid of the “random” part.  Here’s how:

#1 – ORGANIZE your moves & submissions
#2 – Into SMALLER GROUPS (sub-positions)
#3 – Of HIGHLY ASSOCIATED moves & positions

…and, BAM!, your memory goes through the roof.
Cool? Now, you can do this by yourself…

…or let the brand new iGrapple® Mobile do it for you.
It has already organized over 1100 grappling moves (#1 above)
into small groups (#2 above) of highly associated
moves & positions (#3 above)

I absolutely guarantee you’ll remember more moves and
beat “technique overload”. Check it out here…

Your Name

P.S. Really… you are going to be amazed by how
much this helps you.  Check it out here…

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Message 5 (Day 12)



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Message 6 (Day 15)



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Message 7 (Day 18)



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