You’re not a baby, are you?

Before you hit me, here’s why I’m asking…babies are VERY dependent on their mommies, right?

But, as they mature, they become LESS dependent, then finally independent. And so it is with your relationship with your grappling instructor. HOWEVER…

…if you want to excel, you’ve got to “cut the chord” as fast as possible and become responsible for your own grappling skills. Why?

A baby’s got a mother who is FULL TIME completely focused on ONE baby’s best interest. But, your instructor?

He’s got DOZENS of students, a FAMILY, a JOB, and his OWN training to be concerned with. Do you really think he has the ability to be focused  full time & completely on YOUR personal growth and YOUR needs that change on a daily basis? Of course he can’t, can he?

He may be a great instructor, but it’s impossible for him to give you the attention you need to to make you a submission superstar as quickly as possible, isn’t it?

The lesson here is that you’ve got to make your success less & less dependent on others, and more on yourself IF you want to be dominating more opponents, sooner.

I’m joking about the baby thing, BUT, I’m not joking about the need to take charge of your own progress, and not leave it up to  your instructor. I know guys who’ve trained for 20 years,  and NEVER took charge of their progress. They could have made the same progress in just 3-4  years if they had just seen their destiny as being in their own hands, NOT their instructors.

Don’t be a baby  😉 and take charge now. 

Keep training!

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