Ok, this is almost SO basic that I’m embarrassed to point it out to you, but I think I need to. Ask yourself this…

Question: “What was the most BASIC procedure to learn when you were in grade school, high school or college?”

Answer: (3 parts):

1 – You TOback-to-schoolOK NOTES at every class (it’s was an absolute must, wasn’t it?)

2 – You did your homework & STUDIED (ie. practiced) what you learned the last class thoroughly before going to the next class, or you’d fall behind, wouldn’t you?

3 – You were TESTED very frequently to make sure you really absorbed the stuff before moving on …and, that procedure WORKED like a charm, didn’t it?

It seems ridiculous to even think you could succeed in school without doing those 3 things, doesn’t it?  So now, be honest with yourself…

…since those are the absolute, most BASIC things a person does to learn in other situations, shouldn’t you be doing those 3 things (at the very least) while learning submission grappling?

Of course you should be – it’s just common sense, but most guys I know skip at least one, if not all 3 of those. And then they just can’t understand why they keep getting tapped out and never become a dominant submission grappler in a reasonable period of time. Well, DUH!

Ok, I know that seems almost TOO simple, but after teaching and training with hundreds of people…

…I can tell you, the guys who are the most frustrated with their grappling ALSO don’t take notes, they don’t study in between classes, and they don’t “test” themselves on what they’ve learned.

It’s simple. Just do those 3 things, and watch how quickly you rise to the top of the class. (You’ll probably even become the “teachers pet” 😉 ). 

Keep training!

P.S. The has already taken most of your notes for you (in video form!) and makes it super fast & easy to “study”, and let’s you test yourself  anytime with a quick review. Geez, sounds like you could easily do those 3 basics that you should be using to learn submission grappling, doesn’t it?

You can try the iGrapple here for just $1. Do it!