Don’t Be a Fanboy

Do you have favorite fighters? Do you root for someone to win?fan

If you really want to learn while watching fights, let me explain why being a “fan” might not be such a good idea (pure entertainment value aside).

When you watch a fight, you want to see what’s “really” happening, right?

Well, there’s a famout Zen saying about the problem of using your judgement to determine “reality.”

Pardon my being philosophical, but here’s a couple excerpts:

meditateNeither love nor hate,
And you will clearly understand…

Be off by a hair,
And you are as far from it as heaven from earth…

If you want the Way to appear,
Be neither for nor against…

Get the idea? If you are WANTING something to happen (that is, your fighter to win), you’re not seeing what is REALLY happening (what your fighter’s opponent is doing).

  • If you attribute your favorite fighter’s loss to “the ref wasn’t fair”, then you’re not learning from his mistakes.
  • If the “other guy” won because, in your opinion, he was “lucky”, then you didn’t learn from his strengths.

In the future, Grasshoppper, try being “neither for nor against” if you really want to LEARN when you watch a fight.

Keep on training!