The secret of Focus & Concentrated Effort

I’ve been training a long time (43 years), and I’ve experimented with a ton of training methods to improve my skills.

One big breakthrough I found was how to make fast progress. Now, you will make SOME progress just by practicing ALL your techniques from different positions on a regular basis. But, SOME progress is not the same as FAST progress.

One thing I can tell you about fast progress is:

– SPEED of improvement comes from

How can you apply “focus & concentrated effort” to submission grappling? Here’s how…

Focus & Concentrated Effort applied to striking
Focus & Concentrated Effort applied to kicking…

#1 FOCUS – Rather than try to improve your grappling “in general” (TOO BROAD), you need to choose an exact position (MORE NARROWLY FOCUSED) that you want to improve…

…THEN you work to master the moves & submissions in that specific position. And, the MORE NARROWLY FOCUSED, THE BETTER.

By “narrowly focused” I mean a position like “Guard  with your opponent underhooking your legs” (very focused) as compared to simply “guard” (too general & broad). Get it?

#2 CONCENTRATED EFFORT – Set a time period for how long you are going to work on this specific position (1 week? 2 weeks? 1 month?) then stick to it so you can make SIGNIFICANT, noticeable, and permanently ingrained improvement.

The bottom line is…

…although it might feel counter­-intuitive, you will have faster progress in less time by staying with just ONE position until it’s truly improved, as compared to learning techniques from SEVERAL different positions simultaneously.

*** One caveat here an absolute beginner may want to learn a couple techniques from each general position, simply to give them an ability to roll and have a REASON to even go to a position and avoid the frustration of not having anything at all to attempt from a position. But, once you’re past that stage…

…you will make faster progress by applying the principle of FOCUS & CONCENTRATED EFFORT.

Keep training

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