For Self Defense, Trust Your Instincts “Big Time”

Your instincts are MUCH more powerful and “tuned in” than you have any idea.

One of the jobs of your subconscious is to help you survive. It “patrols” your environment constantly, behind the scenes, for dangers that you aren’t consciously aware of. It compares what it sees or senses with its database of “dangerous” situations it’s learned in the past, then alerts you when it finds a match.

It knows dark alleys are “bad.” It knows that aggressive male behavior leads to danger. It’s already determined that certain “personality types” aren’t to be trusted.

When it spots something it believes is dangerous, it gives you an “uncomfortable” feeling. You sense something’s wrong, but often can’t put your finger on it.

Ever walk into a restaurant or bar and just get a bad feeling about someone there… even though they really haven’t given you reason to (yet?) That’s your subconscious at work, trying to alert you to possible danger.

Unfortunately, that can also lead to inappropriate profiling, distrust or stereotyping of people based on past experiences you’ve had with similar looking or acting people. Unless you want to engage in racism, xenophobia and other unacceptable behavior, it requires you to filter out some inappropriate signals it’s giving you.

Your subconscious Usually Knows Better Than You Do

But, many times, it’s dead on, and there is real, potential danger. Your subconscious very often knows much better than you do, and it wants you to survive and is screaming at you in the only way it can to get out of that situation.

If you’re hoping an overly aggressive person in the area doesn’t turn their attention toward you, that’s your intuition telling you to remove yourself from that situation asap.

If you walk into room, or a group of people, and don’t like the feeling you’re getting, that’s your subconscious saying to get out. It knows something you don’t.

If you want your built in self-protection mechanisms to do their job, you’ve got to listen to your intuition. If you sense someone is a bad person, there’s a pretty good chance they are. Just get away and defuse it before the problems start.

Keep training!