3-Step Grappling Training Plan

Want to be the best grappler you know… sooner?

Then use this 3-Step Grappling “plan” that I use for my grappling (and other areas of life, as well).

It goes like this…

1 – Rather than thinking in terms of “adding new techniques” to your bag of tricks, think in terms of removing OBSTACLES to dominating your opponents.

roadblockIn other words, ask yourself “Why am I not ALREADY dominating my training partners NOW?”

Possibly it’s because you get stuck under cross body and don’t know good escapes. Or, you get choked frequently by triangle chokes.

Whatever the reasons are, those are your OBSTACLES.

Getting over “obstacles” to your success is a much more direct approach to improving than merely “adding techniques” to your skills that may or may not actually help you where you need help the most.

2 – Next, turn those obstacles into GOALS. So, in our hypothetical example, your goals would be:

Goal 1: Become great at escaping from Under Side Control
Goal 2: Learn to prevent and escape Triangle Chokes

3 – Now, apply SHORTCUTS to those goals.

Ask yourself this question:

Shortcut Question: If there was a gun to my head forcing me to come up with a way to accomplish my shortcutgoals in ¼ of the time, how could I do it?

When you ask yourself that, you should come up with answers like:

 – Quickly find a list of techniques to escape Under Side Control & Triangle Chokes

 – Find ways to get repetitions between class / training sessions (use visualization of those techniques, train with a grappling dummy, etc)

 – Cut out all wasted chit-chat time during training

 – Find ways to get more repetitions of those techniques during the same amount of time

…and so forth.

That single “gun to your head” shortcut question will almost FORCE you to reach your goals faster than everyone else you train with. No one else will have applied the shortcuts to their training that you have, and you’ll quickly surpass them.

Now, I recommend you come back and re-apply this 3 Step Formula at the beginning of every month. You’ll find that you initially make VERY fast progress, but then you’ll slowly stray away from your plan, causing your progress to slow, too. So, just re-visit it every month.

Keep training!

P.S. So, how do you quickly find techniques to “remove the obstacles?” Watch this 30-second video to find out!