Parkinson’s Law, The Less You Know, Training Partners


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Want to accomplish more? Allow Less Time for Training


Ever heard of Parkinsons Law? It’s a principle that states “Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.”

In other words, we drag out whatever we’re doing to fill up the time we give ourselves to do it.

So, if your goal is to do X number of techniques today, you’ll take up all the time you’ve scheduled to accomplish it.

So, if you want to be more efficient and effective when training….

…simply allow LESS time for training. You’ll still accomplish your goal for the training session, and you’ll cut out all the wasted “talk time” and get down to business quicker and train more efficiently.


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Choosing Your Training Partners Is One Of The Most Important Decisions You’ll Make


A training partner should be TRAINING you, not simply trying to defeat you. 

Ever been badly injured? An injury will most likely be what causes you to eventually STOP training.

I suggest you train only with people who can control their egos, who respect your body and who are able to practice with control and let you work your submissions & strikes without needing to fight you.


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The Better You Become, the Less You’ll Feel You Know


This is a phenomenon that every truly skilled person is familiar with.

The better you become as a fighter, the less you’ll feel like you know. The reason that this happens is because you’ve internalized your skills so much that you don’t carry them around consciously any more. Rather, you carry them in your subconscious and in your muscle memory.


Keep training!