Why You Should “Stop” Grappling

Want to TOTALLY revamp your grappling today?

Then, just stop grappling. I mean it.

Stop. Go grab yourself a cup of coffee. Better yet, go to Starbucks. Then ask yourself this question…

… “What do I need to do to take myself to the next level?”

Really. When was the last time you broke the ritual of getting on the mat, warming up, drilling a few moves, rolling, going home and then doing it all again?

When did you last step back and ask yourself WHERE you want to be with your grappling, and WHAT is the best route you can take to get there?

It’s well known that when you step AWAY from something, you gain perspective that you can’t get when you’re in the midst of it.

Astronauts report this phenomena occurring in a big way when the see the earth from a distance. And you’ve felt it too…

…ever gone on vacation and ended up with a whole new perspective on life?

As a grappler, you’ve GOT to do this if you want to have maximum improvement for the time you invest in your training. 

You’re going to find that you’re spending time doing things that don’t give you the biggest bang for your buck (time-wise), and that you’re NOT doing things that would be much a much more effective use of your time on and off the mat. 

And, you’ve got to do it frequently. In as little as one week, you might find that you have drifted away from your plan.  This applies to other areas of your life, too.  It’s the reason that successful businesses have weekly meetings, rather than every few months. You can literally lose perspective and get off track from your “roadmap to success” in less than a single week, and not even know it! 

So, my training advice today is…

…stop, go grab yourself a cup of coffee while you sit back and get some perspective. Make your grappling “plan”, and repeat this as often as possible. 

Keep training!


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