A simple strategy for becoming a dominant grappler

Here’s a trick I learned from a pretty impressive fighter I trained with years ago. It goes like this…

Think in terms of “I want to be the ONE person everyone thinks of when they hear the word __________.”

Your job is to fill in the blank with whatever very small, specific grappling POSITION you want to be great at. Your goal is now to become that person.  Then…

…do it with ANOTHER position… then another. I know this may sound too simple to you, but there’s some magic that happens when you do this. Why’s it work?

First, it gives you a VERY ATTAINABLE goal. Don’t you think you could easily become the best person in your group at, for example, escaping arm bars from the guard?

I mean, really… who else in your group recently devoted an entire week to escaping arm bars from the guard?

Now, suddenly, your the BEST at something! Pretty damn motivating, isn’t it? Kind of makes you want to do it again, doesn’t it?

Which leads to the 2nd reason this works…

…motivation. Your grappling improvement is fueled entirely by motivation, isn’t it? And, what’s more motivating than seeing results from the time you invest into practicing?

Take that idea and use it.

Keep training!


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