A Strategy to Becoming a Killer Submission Grappler

Here’s a strategy I learned TWICE…

… once from the most skilled athlete I have ever met, and then again later from the most skilled musician I’ve ever met. Both have really jaw-dropping abilities, and it’s safe to say when they speak about “how to get good at something”, they’re worth listening to. 

Here’s what they suggest:

Specialize & Maintain

Become very good at ONE small thing at a time. Focus on just ONE small, specific area that you want to improve, while spending a little time MAINTAINING your current skills.

Do the above, rather than trying to become good at multiple things at once.  I know this may sound too simple to you, but there’s some magic that happens when you do this that I’ll explain in a moment. 

So, to start, fill in the blank to this statement:

“I want to be the ONE person everyone thinks of when the hear the word __________.”

Go ahead – fill in the blank with whatever very small, specific grappling POSITION you want to be great at. Now, I don’t mean a position like “the guard”. I mean a SMALL & SPECIFIC position, like “escaping an arm bar from inside guard”.

IMPORTANT: Choose a position that’s small and specific enough that you can become very good at it within 2-3 weeks of solid focus. Avoid anything so big that it will take you months. 

Next, your job is to become that person in the statement above, while doing only what’s needed to maintain your current skills. (If you don’t know how to do that, see the very end of this article)

Why does this  method work so well? For a couple reasons:

Attainable Goals

First, it gives you a VERY attainable goal. Don’t you think you could easily become the best person in your group at, for example, escaping arm bars from the guard? And, couldn’t you do that within 2-3 weeks if you really tried?

I mean, really… who else in your group recently completely devoted 2 to 3 weeks to escaping arm bars from the guard? No one, right?

So now, suddenly, your the BEST at something!  Pretty damn motivating, isn’t it?  Kind of makes you want to do it again, doesn’t it?

Which leads to the 2nd reason this works…

Provides Necessary Motivation

Your grappling improvement is fueled almost entirely by your motivation, isn’t it? If you’re not motivated, you’re not even going to try. And, NOTHING is more motivating than seeing results from the time you invest into practicing.

Get the point?

Now,  after you’ve mastered that one small position, make it part of your ongoing “maintenance” routine, then choose your NEXT small, specific position that you want to be the best at. It’s a rinse and repeat protocol, and it works like gangbusters. 

Listen, there’s no reason you can’t be as good as you want. No one is inherently better that you… but there’s certain principles like this one that other’s may have stumbled on that you just don’t know about. When you find one, take it and run with it.

“Do not overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself. You are better than you think.”

Keep training!

P.S. Ok, that was your tip for today. You can stop reading now, if you’d like.


Go ahead.


Huh? Still here?

Ok, so maybe you’re thinking “But how do I become VERY good as that small & specific position that I decided on?” If you don’t know the answer to that question, then listen carefully.

I’ve created an affordable tool EXACTLY for that purpose called the iGrapple. You simply click on a position you want to get good at, drill down through it’s sub-positions…

…right down to short, concise video clips of the exact position you want to become good at.

For example, if you had already purchased access to the iGrapple®, you’d be able to find SIX escapes from the armbar inside the guard (mentioned above) in under 10 seconds. And, then you’d be able to do it again when you’re ready for your next small, specific position – simply because that’s exactly what the iGrapple® what made for.

If you did that for the next 4-6 weeks, do you think that you’d be a much better… or worse… submission grappler than you are today?

Of course, you’d be much better, wouldn’t you? I think you know what you need to do next…

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