The #1 Factor Affecting Your Grappling

Want to know what the #1 BIGGEST factor determining how quickly you improve your grappling?

It’s your BELIEFS. No joke. And here’s proof:

One of the first things you hear is “it takes about 10 years to get a black­belt in BJJ”. Sure…

…it takes a good while. But, doesn’t 10 years seem a bit ARBITRARY, considering the vast differences between how focused and hard working different people are?

(Example: your friend trains 3 hours/ week, I train 6 hours/week, you train 10/hours/ week, etc.)

And, doesn’t that 10 year timeline make you think “Well, if it’s going to take that long, no need to hurry or train with a sense of “urgency”…

…which, then sets up a BELIEF SYSTEM that causes you to behave in a way that has you, not coincidentally, arriving at that goal in about 10 years?

And, isn’t that BELIEF SYSTEM then reinforced by everyone else arriving there in 10 years, based on THEIR belief that it takes 10 years?

Get the point?

What I’m saying is, decide what YOU believe is possible, and STOP listening to what your peers are telling you is possible. Really…

…their beliefs are SO wrong for you that it would be laughable… if it weren’t so damaging to you.

Keep training!


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