Training Hard, Curriculum, In The Moment


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Every time you train hard, you’re not just training your body. You are strengthening your mind, your discipline and your resolve.


The benefits of pushing yourself past your comfort zone go way beyond just improving your physical attributes.

So many times I’ve seen people failing in martial arts (and life) because of their lack of self-discipline and mental strength. They wish they had the discipline to follow through with what they start, but they quit… and it frustrates them.

What they don’t realize is that, if they just show up and go through the training for long enough, they will develop that self-discipline they need and desire. It’s literally built into the training. The mere act of pushing yourself past your comfort zone repeatedly develops your discipline & resolve.

However, there is a tipping point… if you give up before the self-discipline sets in, it won’t happen.


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Practicing moves in a “curriculum” is effective for acquiring fundamentals. However, curriculum’s are not tailored to your specific & changing needs.



A teaching curriculum is both a blessing and a curse. When you’re first learning, it’s necessary to give you a foundation to build on.  Sort of like a sculptor needs a big rock or piece of clay to start with. 

After that point, we have to focus on our own unique strengths, weaknesses and needs (rather than on a generic curriculum) if we want optimize our training time.

There may be one or two specific techniques or concepts that will catapult your abilities once you know them. However, those 1 or 2 specific skills may not be “in the curriculum” for months or years, wasting your precious time. Go after what you need… not what’s “on the schedule”. 


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Don’t think about winning or losing during a battle… that detracts from doing what you need to do when you need to do it.


This applies to both a competition and a street survival situation. You’ve got to train yourself to instantly be “in the moment”, rather than  having thoughts about your own ego, fear, what other’s will think of you… or anything at all, really. 

Anything less than having your mind 100% in the fight only detracts from doing your best.  


Keep training!