Why you should SHORTEN your training

Want a secret to improving more in your grappling training, but in LESS time?

Then SHORTEN your training time. Listen to this real life analogy…hourglass-152090_1280

…recently, my wife & I had a major deadline in our business. We had 7 hours to finish a bunch of jobs that normally take over a week. And, we’d be TOTALLY screwed if we didn’t finish.

I’m talking about. losing everything we’ve worked for over several months if we couldn’t complete these jobs. What happened?

At the end of the 7 hours, we accomplished more than we ordinarily do in a week. Even WE were shocked that we did it! How’d it happen?

It was the intense“sense of urgency” we had. No wasted time talking, no day-dreaming, no B.S… just doing what needed to be done with laser focus increasing our productivity sevenfold.

Now, here’s the thing… in training, you CAN’T keep a sense of urgency for long periods. It doesn’t work because the urgency isn’t REAL.  So, the secret is…

… the next time you train, SHORTEN your training time, and insist you do  just as many reps of your techniques as you do in longer sessions. Attack it like you’re on a mission. The result?

I guarantee you’ll accomplish the same amount in a fraction of the time. No wasted time chit-chatting, no day-dreaming, no B.S. You’ll improve just as fast, and have more free time as a side benefit. Do this, and watch the result. 

Keep training!

P.S. If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m all about effective, efficient training and NOT wasting time (mine OR yours). And that’s what I designed the iGrapple® for, and you can try it now for just $1.