Write it down, Details, Getting Tough


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Write It Down… or Forget it!


When you learn new techniques or concepts, you MUST write them down in a notebook for later review… otherwise, I guarantee you’ll eventually forget 90% of what you are taught.

Conversely, if you write it down, you’ll eventually surpass all your training partners who don’t.

Even if you never go back and review it, the simple act of writing down techniques and concepts causes you to focus on the details of the technique, which solidifies it in your memory (see below). 


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Focusing  on the Details Commits It to Memory


One way to improve your memory of techniques is to focus on DETAILS. Heres’ why:

Details tell your mind that whatever you’re focusing on is IMPORTANT. And, when your mind sees something as important, it becomes more AWARE. And, (here’s the really important part)…

…when you’re highly aware, you soak up information like a sponge and create a STRONGER MEMORY.

Here’s the process:

Details → Importance → Awareness → STRONGER


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Spend Time in a Boxing Ring to “Toughen Up”


If you train for self-defense purposes, and are overly timid about being hit, spend some time doing some sparring in the boxing ring. You can start slow and easy and wear head protection.

Doing this will quickly desensitize you to being hit, make you less afraid and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, will give you some confidence that you can survive a confrontation against an attacker who is probably less trained than your sparring partner. 


Keep training!