Classic fight: Hulk vs. Bitetti

When I first watched this fight years ago, I was really upset by the outcome… BJJ was supposed to be the best and Bitetti was a legend!  Now, I consider it a good reminder to keep well rounded skills. It’s also a reminder that anything can happen and no one is unbeatable. Keep training!Bob

Controlling the Timing & Landing More Strikes

Ok guys, here’s a quick tip to control the timing and land more strikes. I’m talking about when you’re on your feet here, not so much when you’re grappling. Here it is… Add more fakes, setups and rapid succession movements (i.e. fake punches, fake head & body movements and misdirecting footwork) into your training and fighting.  Does that sound … Read moreControlling the Timing & Landing More Strikes

How to Watch a Fight

Here’s a couple tips for how to get more out of watching a fight.  Fight Watching Tip #1 Remember that when YOU fight, you’re usually trying to process what your opponent is doing and react based on that. However, when you watch a fight on TV, you’re trying to process and analyze what TWO people are doing… at the … Read moreHow to Watch a Fight

Hooks, Training, Filming

  If you haven’t developed power in your hooking punches yet, try thinking of it as being all about body rotation and leg drive, with the arm (fist) just happening to be what makes contact. That will put your focus on the major muscles driving the punch, rather simply contracting your pectoral muscles for an … Read moreHooks, Training, Filming

For Self Defense, Trust Your Instincts “Big Time”

Your instincts are MUCH more powerful and “tuned in” than you have any idea. One of the jobs of your subconscious is to help you survive. It “patrols” your environment constantly, behind the scenes, for dangers that you aren’t consciously aware of. It compares what it sees or senses with it’s database of “dangerous” situations it’s … Read moreFor Self Defense, Trust Your Instincts “Big Time”

5 Mount Escapes 90 Seconds

High mount is a tough position to escape, especially for beginners. So, here’s 5 slick tricks to help you escape and get top position where you then can submit your opponent. If you like these moves, you’ll find lots more like them in the iGrapple© online grappling software. It’s the best way to get your … Read more5 Mount Escapes 90 Seconds